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Gian Kumar was born into a traditional Hindu family, in Burma (present-day Myanmar). From childhood, his life held paradoxes which he struggled to understand. While he was educated at a Christian boarding school which observed strict religious practices, these were diametrically opposed to the Hindu traditions and customs which were the norm when he went home for the holidays. A thinker by nature, the inherent confusion and dogmas underlying religion, gradually impelled him towards spirituality. Today, he is deeply grateful for a journey filled with opportunities to learn about existential riddles such as: Who am I? What is my purpose in Life? Is God an illusion? Gian hopes to share his own experiential learnings with others through the medium of his books. Gian lives with his family in New Delhi.


Science and Spirituality are compatible

Carl Sagan, the well-known Cosmologist said, “Science is not only compatible with spirituality, but it is also a profound source of spirituality.” Spirituality professes that the universe and mankind are in a constant state of flux and evolution. The more Science advances, the clearer it is especially now that everything is constantly in motion; nothing is stable. New discoveries are being made every day.


Why should I believe in God? Do we really need Him?

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    In simple language, he explains that whatever we seek is not outside of us, but within. One does not need gurus or mantras for guidance. In fact, there is nothing to seek. All we have to do is to know and accept our true self, and become aware that we are one with the universe. Life and death are both part of the cosmic cycle..

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    This book offers much wisdom and advice to guide you on your way to self realization. There is too much information to grasp in a single read so everything must be studied and not merely read. Gian Kumar explains concepts of spiritual bliss, harmony, mind, soul, ego and how to lead complete, wholesome lives.

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    What a wonderful and profound book Spiritual Power turned out to be. Gian Kumar explains the seemingly complex topic of spirituality and mindfulness with such and clarity and addresses most of the concerns people when dealing with spiritualism. This is one of the best books on spirituality out there.

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