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Spiritual Power: Being and Becoming

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path
In the third instalment of the Spiritual Power series, Gian Kumar answers some of the most complex and elusive questions known to man, such as—Is spirituality a hoax? Is self-realization an illusion? What separates us from artificial intelligence? What is the ultimate nature of our reality? The author not only offers a deeper and more insightful understanding of God, duality, absolute energy, and our own thoughts, among others, but also reveals the shackles of our mind inherited from the past which we blindly believe and rigidly follow and, most importantly, how we can transcend them.

This book will not make you a better person. It will simply make you aware and conscious of who and what you are to balance that self with your third eye open, in order to witness the game of illusions called life.

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  • In simple language, he explains that whatever we seek is not outside of us, but within. One does not need gurus or mantras for guidance. In fact, there is nothing to seek. All we have to do is to know and accept our true self, and become aware that we are one with the universe. Life and death are both part of the cosmic cycle..

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  • This book offers much wisdom and advice to guide you on your way to self realization. There is too much information to grasp in a single read so everything must be studied and not merely read. Gian Kumar explains concepts of spiritual bliss, harmony, mind, soul, ego and how to lead complete, wholesome lives.

    Amandeep Singh
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  • What a wonderful and profound book Spiritual Power turned out to be. Gian Kumar explains the seemingly complex topic of spirituality and mindfulness with such and clarity and addresses most of the concerns people when dealing with spiritualism. This is one of the best books on spirituality out there.

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